Friday, September 2, 2016

Way past taking the gloves off with purveyors this garbage

I’ve tried to keep Pair O’ Dice a nice “family friendly” webblog, you know a place to hang out and bring the kids.

But you might want to put the progeny to bed before you read further.

There is a truck noodling around the Twin Cities with a message for voters. It depicts a couple of men engaging in a lip lock, with the caption “Want Gay Marriage? Vote Democrat”.

I’m not going to publish the picture here cause sometimes I write this blog while eating dinner (in my jammies!), I don't want to spoil my appetite and it’s all over the web anyways.

I’m dredging this up because of a debate that is raging over at Shot in the Dark between Mitch Berg’s faithful and a lefty blogger named Carson. Carson is bent, really bent over the truck and has written about it on his site.

The sentiment that has me spending time writing this is expressed very succinctly by Carson:

“They are equating gay marriage to just two men kissing. Instead of debating the
merits of equal rights for all citizens, they are focusing on sex.”

Hold it right there lil’ cowboy, let’s get something crystal clear.

Sex is the single defining characteristic of a homosexual relationship. It’s not about love, I love my dad and some of my friends, but I don’t bugger them. My wife has life-long female friends but she doesn’t have sex with them either.

Because we are not homosexuals..see how easy that is?

The “gay rights” lobby hates it when someone or something, like “the truck” lifts their skirts to give the public a peek at what they are dressing up. Images of homosexuals doing what homosexuals do unravels the carefully woven fairy tale that has been sold to the media and the public at large; it puts the reality of the issue on our plates without any ketchup or onions to mask the nasty flavor.

Our pal Carson goes on to admit as much:

"While many people are tolerant of homosexuals, they are not tolerant of
homosexuals being homosexual. It is fine for them to be funny asexual
caricatures on prime-time sitcoms, but not real people with real sex

”Even some of my best friends who love and adore me cringe when I kiss my
partner... and that is why this truck infuriates me."

Welcome to the world Carson! There isn’t anything wrong with your friends, the fact that they can see past a very nasty habit to what may be an otherwise valuable guy is much to their credit. Their revulsion is quite likely a biological defense mechanism, like pain which works to keep us away from harm.

We can discuss this all day long, and remain civil until someone brings kids into the fray, which of course Carson does:

”The truck says forget about about gay couples raising children...."

You got that one straight pal. I used to be fairly neutral regarding homosexuals, like most people I really don’t care what others do for entertainment. I thought didn’t have a dog in that fight, and I was right.

But then by happenstance, I ran across a group called GLSEN whose purpose in life is to put homosexuality into public school curriculums. A brief examination of the Saint Paul public schools showed me it wasn’t my dog in the fight, it was my kids.

To say the least, I got pissed off. And I’m the kind of guy who doesn’t give up easily on things that are important to me, guys like Carson have no idea to what lengths I’ll go to keep him and his pals away from my kids.

So I'll give him a clue.

Carson wonders:

”How far do you think the organization would get using a picture of two men
taking their adopted daughter to a museum?”

Good question Carson, I’m all for putting that one out there on the other side of the truck. Wanna go halves on a billboard?

Thought not.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

All Your Jammies Are Belong To Us

While surfing the web this afternoon, taking in the blogosphere’s finest hour (or couple of days) something just occurred to me.

Bloggers and jammies.

It’s the best inside joke floating around the WWW since All Your Base , and for once I’m in on it before it has already become passé.

I’m not sure what to make of that actually. Does it mean that I have no life, or am I simply in the loop?

You be the judge.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Best keep this dog muzzled

According to an article in the SF Chronicle , some Democrats are critical of the Kerry campaign’s unwillingness to put John Edwards in the spotlight.

To me, this feckless refusal to acknowledge Edward’s baggage illustrates why the Dem’s are fast approaching also-ran status. They really just don’t get it do they?

Have they forgotten that Edwards made his fortune suing the shit out of doctors?

His courtroom tactics and financial success have made him a role model among his (literally) ambulance chasing peers while doctors in his home state have taken their skills elsewhere.

Ya’ll bring the ‘taters I’ll mash ‘em!

I would like nothing more than to see Edwards under the blogosphere’s scrutiny. Oh yea, and I guess it wouldn’t hurt to give the little guys (ABC, NBC CNN & etc.) a shot at him either.

Kerry is already unable to speak to the issues at hand. Throw Edwards into the mix and Kerry will have the health care crisis brought to his doorstep; in the preverbal flaming paper bag.

Keeping Edwards relegated to whipping up the delusions of the denisions of the fever swamp is the smartest thing Kerry has done.

What is wrong with these people?

This scene of ignominious defeat is brought to you by the patriots at It's a commercial that features a defeated American soldier, nice huh?

It's got to be getting very hard for these traitors to keep the smirk off of their faces when proclaiming their unqualified support for the troops don't you think?

Why is it that they cannot understand that crap like this serves only to validate everything that is said avbout them? They are dirty, stinking, yellow, traitors one and all.

See the story on Drudge.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Want to make a statement?

The International Truck and Engine Corp. has produced what they claim to be the world's biggest production pick-up truck. I haven't done any comparison shopping yet, but I'm ready to take their word for it right now.

I like it..a lot, but I'm going to wait until they offer it in "Patriot Red-White-and-Blue", because while it's true that I ache to drive one around the Mac-Groveland neighborhood in St. Paul ASAP, I think that the addition of the Red-White and Blue and a plethora of GOP bumper stickers would be a nice touch.

And think of the fun it would be to haul a boatload of veterans across the Marshall\Lake street bridge while our local traitors are holding one of their Wedsday "peace vigils" bashing our troops.

I am also waiting for ITE to offer a convenient "Tread Cleaning" system that will automatically pick out that unsightly Volvo debris from the tires. I don't want to lose one while I'm trying to get Wellstoned! and Betty! and Hillary! stickers off my sidewalls ya know?

God it's great to be an American isn't it?

Monday, August 29, 2016

Bitches brought me back..

Looking every bit the poverty pimp that he is, Marion Barry has all but secured himself yet another paycheck from the city of Wachington DC. His win in the Democratic primary all but assures that he will be sitting his skinny ass in a councilman's seat come January.

One can only guess that every $2 hooker in DC is celebrating.

In case you have forgotten, Barry was caught red handed smokin' crack and bus'in ho's while he was the Mayor of the Capital city back in 1990. Barry's defense added to the already colorful lexicon of street smack: "Bitch set me up".

You'd think he would be finished, but you'd be wrong. Like the cockroach he is, he managed to survive his own destruction and parlay his skill for pandering to the lowest common denominator to con the people of DC to put him back in the Mayor's office by 1995.

Think he'd taken the cure, gone to Jesus? Wrong again. He was suspected again as recently as 2002 for possession, but there he is..smilin' in his Escalade.

I was all set to add to the lexicon myself tonight at the expense of the people who keep putting people like Barry in power, but I've had a change of heart.

How fucked up must be the lives of these people? They can overlook Barry's crack smokin' and ho'in because that kind of thing is a part of their own daily lives, he's truly one of their own. And as long as these poverty pimps can continue to promise to bring the juice (that'd be our tax dollars) to people who have absolutely no chance, or desire, of ever making anything of their own lives, they will continue to swagger across the political scene in this country.

Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Marion Barry, Maxine Waters and their ilk, Democrats all, are a unique breed of lowlife who thrive on the continuance of poverty. They cringe at the sight of every black kid who manages to avoid their lies and gets a good education, because education is their worst enemy.

They depend on the stupidity and desperation of their followers and prey on the guilt and stupidity of those of us who have had some success in order to fund their campaigns of corruption. And like the cockroach heretofore mentioned, they crawl from the rubble of the devastation they cause, preening their antenne, looking for the next score.

Until there are more successful black men, yes men, willing to stand up and pass along the secret of their success, men like Bill Cosby, the black population of this country is doomed to continuing poverty and misery.

And pieces of shit like Marion Barry et al. will continue to be Cadillac's best repeat customers.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Watch your back!

John Kerry's sister Diana, while taking the DNC's anti-American message on the road, has this warning for Australians regarding her brother:

"He responds well to challenges and has the reputation of fighting well from behind"

We already kind of knew your bro was a back stabbin' SOB, but thanks for the heads-up anyway.

Diana, for the most part is sticking to the standard DNC boiler plate (America = Fascism) but may find that she has a tough row to hoe in convincing the Aussie's to "go French".

Australia has been one of our staunchest allies, and really doesn't need too much coaxing to put in a fight. They have been targets of terrorists long before we started teaching Afganastan and Iraq that what comes around, goes around, and they don't take any shit themselves.

DiKe(rry) has been given the task of ferreting out American's living abroad who may be a bit more receptive to the DNC's Anti-American message in hopes of getting her brother elected, and I have a hot tip for her.

Instead of talking smack around a bunch of tough Aussies, which is a pretty sure way of getting your attitude adjusted, track down some lefty's that have disappeared recently.

I heard, from a fella mind you, that a large contingent from Marin California has set up camp at a secret location outside the barb wire and minefields of our borders. Now keep this under your beret, but heres the scoop on where you can find them:

Directions to the Secret Lefty Base of Operations

I hear that the Baldwin brothers are in charge there, so you know it's on the up and up.